False Tooth

A couple of months ago I had an argument with my car door in the wind and lost. The result was that one of my front incisors is now no more and there is a large gap in m,y teeth right at the front of my mouth.

Dental work in the UK is not cheap to say the least – £2,500 for an implant, or £250 for a tooth on a plate. Not being able to afford a couple of grand, suffice it to say I now have a plastic tooth on a plate filling the gap where my real tooth used to reside.

I hate it

I now have to live with a great plastic monstrosity in my mouth, I can’t eat properly with it in – the plate covers most of the roof of my mouth and makes swallowing and chewing difficult, not to mention that it covers all of the taste buds in that area. The plate doesn’t fit quite well enough and is making the roof of the mouth sore. If I take the tooth out, the gap feels huge and the edges of the remaining teeth are causing sores on the inside of my lips. – and I have a lisp.

Many people have a gap, and like my false tooth, fill the gap with something that on the outside looks like the real thing, but to the wearer, you are only too aware of the deficiencies.You can’t live with this gap, but the alternative grates and really doesn’t solve the problem or fill the gap effectively.

To a degree you get used to it and live with it, but you are not really satisfied with it.

The Bible talks about a God who wants to fill all the gaps in our lives.

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