I have recently been reading some reports from the Middle East about the brutal persecution and martyrdom of hundreds (if not thousands) of Christians by ISIS including those from a Muslim background. Despite the massive news coverage of the events in the Middle East in general, these reports are nowhere to be found in mainstream media but only in the Christian press. Following discussions I have had with unbelieving friends about Christian press being “biased” and “agenda driven”, I have been watching the news and current affairs programmes on SKY, BBC and ITV with an eye to discerning how unbiased it actually is.

I have not been surprised to see that ALL news programmes are biased. We all to some degree suffer from “confirmation bias” and view the world around us through a filter which confirms our own world view. The news is no different. They not only make choices about WHAT they report on (ever noticed that the vast bulk of the news we see is bad?), they also put a spin on and try to influence our perception of what is happening around the world by HOW they choose to report on it. 

Do not be deceived, every news or current affairs item you ever see has been carefully selected, produced and edited to ensure you only see and hear what the newscaster wants you to see and hear, and to portray the news in a way which reinforces a particular world view.

Be wise about how you watch and read news reports – whatever their source.