I play the guitar and use it in the worship team at our church. From time to time I make a hash-up of the chords and play a glaringly wrong chord.When I was learning to play the guitar, any mistake I made completely derailed me, I’d stop and pause and start again from scratch. This made it obvious I had made a mistake and knocked my confidence in my ability as a guitarist, on occasion I’d even give up playing altogether for a while as a result of making a mistake.However when playing “live” whether in Church or at any other time, this is not really possible. What you have to do is wince (preferably internally!), correct the mistake and carry on without taking a breath, or the song is ruined.It struck me this week after a couple of particular howlers that we can learn from this as we walk with God. When we slip up, play a wrong chord as it were, how do we react? Do we allow our mistake to derail our walk with God, or do we correct our mistake and carry on?It is so important as in our Christian walk that we get to the point where we move on from being beginners in our faith where the smallest mistake causes us to stop or falter in our walk with God, to becoming mature and correcting the mistake and carrying on.