About a month ago I went out with Wendy to buy a present for our granddaughter. We were gone less than 20 minutes. However on our return, we found the house full of smoke and the kitchen on fire! This is a blog I wrote about it ….

We recently arrived home from a shopping trip to find our kitchen on fire! An hour and 3 fire engines later, the fire is put out and to say the least our kitchen looks a little charred! The ceiling is artex and was damaged in the fire. Consequently we had to have it tested for asbestos – which of course came out positive. The house is declared unsfafe until it has been professionally dealt with – including pulling down the ceiling, removing soft furnishings and “environmentally cleaning” all possible places where the asbestos might have been spread by the event (firefighters trampling it through the house and so on). We are told that it is highly likely our carpet will be taken away and destroyed as well as all the electrical appliances which are not sealed (i.e. they have a vent into which asbestos could have gone).

There are SO MANY lessons we could learn from this about Sin – here are just a couple:

1. The fire started and took hold with frightening speed, within minutes it engulfed not only the kitchen, but its effects filled the whole house. It will take weeks if not months before we will get the smell of smoke out of the house.

2. I am told that the asbestos content in artex is about 0.02% – that’s 2 in every 10,000, yet its effect has disturbed and affected our very existence. We have been excluded from our own home, and we are not permitted to return until it has been dealt with.

Sin likewise can be ignited by just a small trigger and before we know it can explode into devastation which has the power to wreck our lives. It’s stench is everywhere, Paul calls it the aroma of death (2 Corinthians 2:16). Like the asbestos, even the minutest amount can result in our separation from God. Sin is such a drastic thing that it takes drastic measures to deal with it, we must be sure that nothing anywhere remains. The only sure way of doing this is to call in a specialist. That specialist is Jesus. Like the asbestos specialists with asbestos, he is able to completely eradicate the works of the evil one. We cannot do it ourselves, all we can do is rely on Him.

That’s the good news, we cannot, indeed we should not even try to deal with sinfulness, all we can do call on Jesus, come to the cross and see Him deal with all the works of the evil one.

The wages of sin might be death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Jesus Christ!! (Romans 3:23 / Romans 6:23)