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As most guitarists would tell you, you can never have too many guitars. Over the years I have amassed a collection of guitars, pedals and amplifiers, far too many to list here, but here are my favourites….

My “go to” guitar is a Taylor 414ce I bought in 2006. It was a “Fall Limited Edition” made of Rosewood and Spruce with a Flamed Maple Binding. This guitar is exceptional, though quite expensive. Taylor always made 414 models of Ovankol, but have recently introduced a Rosewood model to the range. You can find out about it by clicking this link

My backup is a Yamaha SLG. It’s not an acoustic guitar, but it does use acoustic strings and plays admirably through my amplifier (see below)

My amplifier is a Tanglewood T6 60w acoutsic amplifier. The amp has two inputs, one is an XLR input only, the other is a hybrid jack/xlr. There is a 3mm jack input for backing track. The Amp has a line out for connecting to a PA system. All in all an excellent little piece of kit

I use a Shure beta58 for vocals, almost identical to the industry standard SM58, but I find the tone and resistance to feedback a little better

PA wise, I use a Yamaha Stagepass 400i, it has 4 xlr inputs (2 hybrid xlr/jack), a twin jack/phono, a twin jack/3mm jack, a USB for mp3 playback. I has basic high/low eq, pre-amp gain and reverb on each channel, output cna be either stereo or mono, in addition to the 2 speaker outputs, there is a subwoofer output, monitor output and line out. Very portable, and suitable for small to medium venues. Highly recommended

Other kit includes:

Squier Jazzmaster Bass with Trace Elliot ELF 250w amp and cab

Squier Protone Telecaseter with Marshall DFX50 Combo lead amp

Sheridan BC10E Electro Acoustic Classical Guitar

I also have what I lovingly describe as a “crasher” a low value acoustic guitar which can go anywhere with me. This is an excellent low value starter instrument which won’t break the bank. NB this is a starter instrument only, and if progress is made by a student, he/she very quickly will want to move on to a higher quality instrument. The Yamaha F310, however is great value for the money.

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