No Guitar? No Problem!

Go into any musical instrument shop and the range of guitars can be overwhelming.

Guitars vary incredibly in price – you can pick up a cheap acoustic guitar in a charity shop for around £50, or you can pay many thousands of pounds for an individually handmade guitar – and just about every price in between.

What do you do? you don’t want to pay out loads of money for an instrument if you’re not yet confident you will “get on” with the guitar, but I guarantee that if you just buy a cheap guitar and you do progress, you’ll be wanting a “better” guitar in no time at all and regretting buying the cheap one!

I can help

For the first 1/2 dozen lessons – while you try out the guitar – I can provide one during your lessons that you can learn on. When you decide whether you want to progress, I can help you choose and buy a guitar which suits you and your budget by giving you hints and help on what to look for (and no – I DON’T get any kickbacks or commission!)

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