I’ve been going to a choir that my daughter Amy established in Bristol a year ago. Business choir was born of a desire to create a space for business people to relax, network and enjoy singing together. Initially Wendy and I went along merely to support Amy and bolster numbers until it became buoyant enough for us to withdraw – ha ha! After a year we’re more involved than ever.
I have noticed some things that are developing in business choir that many churches could learn from.

  1. The choir members have a common outlook and goal in life. They are business owners and they want to sing. We are all “pulling in the same direction”.
  2. One outcome of the group which I think is unexpected for many in choir is that it is not just a place to network and do business, but has become a place where we have developed some very precious friendships, and coming out of those friendships is a level of love, care and support which is incredibly special. We do support one another in business, but we also care for one another in the ups and downs of daily life.
  3. We go to choir not because we feel obliged, but because we want to. There is a feeling that we will miss out if we do not go. Going to choir is a joy and not a chore. If for some reason a member cannot go, they are really missed.
  4. Singing together requires that we all play (sing?!) our part, that we listen to and give room to the other voices in the choir and every one of us recognises that the value is not in any one individual, but in the group as a whole.
  5. Every choir member is a valued and loved part of the whole. The choir would be poorer for the loss of any one of us.
  6. We all have a love for, a trust of and a regard for Amy, our leader. We listen to her and we follow her direction as she conducts us, she helps each section to master their part, and then steps back and allows them to sing it – while encouraging them and cueing them in. Her role is not to sing, but to conduct in such a way that our singing is the best that it can be.

Wouldn’t our churches be much better places if they were like this?!

for more information about business choir: https://www.businesschoir.com