In the Summer of 2016, together with my wife, Wendy and Steve and Sarah Stotesbury, decided that since our informal meetings for prayer, worship and Bible Study were attracting people and a small church seemed to be forming, we would start to meet formally as a church. This we have been doing in the Annexe of Steve and Sarah’s home in Cheddar.

We are a Christian Church, independent of denomination, though we are connected to Hillsong Church and New Wine via their Church leader’s Networks, and we are also a member of the Evangelical Alliance, an “umbrella organisation” for evangelical churches, organisations and individuals in the UK. We have no traditions in our meetings, and we welcome people from any church background or from no background at all.

If you do not claim to be a Christian, or have been away from a church for many years, you can come to us and be sure there will be no judgment on you for the choices you have made. That is not to say we don’t hold certain beliefs about what God thinks or about what the Bible says about our lifestyles, but we will, by and large hold our tongues unless an opinion is asked for. Exceptions to this general rule include, for example, times where it is or becomes obvious a lifestyle falls into the category of criminal and we are obliged by law to inform the authorities about it.

If you are a Christian and looking for a church, we would love to have you visit. To give you an idea of what we are like, we are very free in our worship, using guitar, keyboard and drums to play and sing modern worship songs. Generally speaking the first part of our Sunday meetings incorporates a time of sung worship with opportunity for prayer, there is then a message from the Bible and we usually celebrate communion together, before and after the meeting there is always a time of chatting over tea, coffee and a biscuit. If you have ever attended the New Wine or Soul Survivor festivals, or Hillsong Church in London you would be very familiar with our meetings.

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