In this section of my site, find out about guitar lessons, read blogs and hints follow links to guitar-based websites I have found useful.

I am a Christian worship leader and musician with 25+ years experience playing guitar and bass in worship bands. I have used my guitars to lead the worship in all sorts of venues from singing hymns in traditional churches to fronting a “full on” band in a large tent venue.

After a number of years teaching guitar to members of our youth group and various friends, I was asked three years ago to travel to the campus of Christ for India and teach a 2 week 40-hour guitar course to the students there. I return to India on a regular basis and deliver this teaching whenever I am there.

I am increasingly being asked if I give guitar lessons here in the UK, so I have started to offer guitar lessons for beginners. This will include some basic music theory, learning some essential chords and some simple strumming and fingerpicking techniques.

If you are investigating whether you would like to play the guitar, I can give you a taste of the fun and challenge of playing the guitar. I can use Christian worship songs if that’s your bag, or we can use current (and older) popular songs which incorporate the chords and techniques we are working on at the time.

contact me and we’ll sort something out.