If so, which ones should I subscribe to?

At The Seed, we turn our preach every week into a YouTube video and into an audio podcast (I also upload my preaching notes to our website). You might think there is no real point creating anything other than a video for YouTube, but there is real benefit in both audio and written output. Written output can be read silently and does not create distraction in public spaces. If you’ve ever been in a public area where people around you have been consuming audio or video content on their smartphone, you will appreciate the benefit of written blogs and articles.

Audio rather than video output can useful when out and about and you need to be aware of your surroundings. I wear earphones and listen to podcasts when walking the dog so I can maintain my supervision of him as he snuffles and explores along the way. The most frequent time I listen to audio output comes when I’m driving. Listening to podcasts which inform and teach as I drive has really leveraged how I learn. For the better. Even though I am in the UK, I have found (at the moment) that the content produced over the pond is much more accessible. Though from time to time, when they comment about issues in the churches they encounter or answer questions or comments posed to them, I have to ‘filter’ them and apply them to our culture here in the UK.

I have found that simply browsing the podcast library for Christian content is next to impossible, the rubbish suggested in the search function overwhelms the real, useful content. The podcasts I have found useful have been recommended to me by others, or by people I have become aware of through their books or other output and I would never have found them had I not searched specifically for them. For this reason I would encourage My Christian brothers and sisters to recommend the content they listen to.

So, for your information, here are some of my ‘GoTo’ podcasts. These are my own personal recommendations, the podcasts I get value from. I don’t necessarily agree with or endorse everything they say, and I sometimes think ‘I wouldn’t have put it quite like that’. But don’t let that put you off. I don’t agree with everything I have ever said either (I recently revisited one of our podcasts from a few years ago and thought ‘ooh…I don’t believe what I appear to be endorsing there!’). Remember, if there are two of you and you agree on EVERYTHING, one of you is unnecessary!

I don’t have enough faith to be an atheist: Frank Turek is an apologist and speaker who examines and refutes arguments against Christianity and presents arguments for it in a forthright, lively, and engaging manner. Frank is an author who has written such books as ‘I don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist’; ‘Stealing From God’; and ‘Correct, not politically correct’.

Cold Case Christianity: This podcast is hosted by J. Warner Wallace who uses his extensive experience applying the techniques he developed as a cold case detective to the Bible and to the claims of Christianity. This podcast explores various evidences and discussions around the subjects of God’s existence, the reliability of the Bible and the truth of the Christian worldview. Among his books are: ‘Cold Case Christianity’ ‘God’s Crime Scene’, ‘Forensic Faith’, and ‘Person of Interest’.

#STRask: Greg Koukl and Amy Hall answer questions from listeners who write in about all sorts of matters relating to faith and how they communicate it to the people around them. Greg is the author of a number of books. Amongst them is the excellent book ‘Tactics’, which I thoroughly recommend as a resource for all Christians wanting to share their faith.

Living Waters Podcast: Ray Comfort, Emeal (“E.Z.”) Zwayne, Mark Spence, and Oscar Navarro and special quests explore the pressing questions of our day with sound theology and apologetics. The format of this podcast is conversational with lots of banter and laughter between the hosts.

Got Questions: Got Questions? The Bible has answers! The podcast simply discusses questions which are posed on the GotQuestions website. GotQuestions also answers these questions in written form on their website and app. A very useful resource for researching what the Bible says about all sorts of subjects.

Alisa Childers: Alisa Childers presents a podcast to consider and discuss the claims of Progressive Christianity and other skeptical views of the gospel. She is very clear and easy to listen to. Her book ‘Another Gospel’ tracks her faith journey and is a must read for anyone who is skeptical about Biblical Christianity.

Jack Hibbs: Jack Hibbs is the founder and senior pastor of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills in Southern California. Jack stands for Biblical truth and against false doctrines which distort the Word of God and the character of Christ. He challenges us to understand and to practice an authentic Christian worldview. He seeks to encourage and embolden you to walk with Jesus, and to challenge vou to deepen vour relationship with Christ and make an effective impact on the world around you.

I hope there is some content here you can access and enjoy.

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