Julian Richards

About me

How we describe ourselves says volumes about us. Not just in what we say, but what we choose to reveal (and what we keep to ourselves).

Who am I? Am I defined by my family? Husband, Father, Grandfather? Yes, I am all three of those. Married for 74 years (37 years for me and 37 years for my wife!!!), three grown children and 5 grandchildren. 

Am I what I do? As work? Perhaps. I am a church planter and pastor, but not just that. I preach and teach, I play guitar and I lead worship, I have written three books, I am an ambassador for the organisation ‘Christ for India’ which works amongst the poor and underprivileged in India.

 Or what I do to relax (Relaxing?—what’s that?!). I mostly enjoy the garden, my family, and my dog ‘Bonkers’. Although I am starting to do some leather working, making bags, belts, wallets and other items, mostly for friends and family, though hoping it will grow into something more.

The most significant thing is not what I think of myself, or even what others think and say about me. It is in my position before God. I am loved by God, a follower of Jesus Christ and an ambassador of the Gospel. 

I urge you to check out the offer of Jesus Christ for yourself.


I am taking 2024 as a sabbatical year. I have deleted all my historic blogs and won't be posting anything new for at least a year.

My Books

My books are self-published, edited myself and uploaded using Amazon’s direct publishing platform. You can order a both physical and digital copies via the Amazon website (links on the ‘My Books’ page). Alternatively, I am happy to make arrangements to send you an ePub via email. Do contact me for more details.

Walking with the Disciples

A look at the Disciples and what we can learn from them

Walking with the Early Believers

What about others who met and/or follwed Jesus? Julian looks at a selection of these from Ananias to Zacchaeus.

Walking with Esther

An orphaned Jewish girl, living in a godless, misogynistic foreign power, who risks death for herself and all her people if she makes a wrong move is mightily used by God! — This is a book about living a Godly life in an ungodly culture.

“What we think and say about others frequently reveals far more about us than it does about them”



I serve as a UK trustee and ambassador for Christ For India, which  exists to fulfil Christ’s Great Commission to India by TRAINING nationals as pastors and evangelists, ESTABLISHING native churches, PROVIDING humanitarian aid, and EDUCATING India’s future leadership. I also serve on the UK board of trustees for Living Waters Radio and Multimedia Ministry. Both ministries are based in Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh.

The Seed

Together with my wife, Wendy, and two very special friends, I planted the The Seed which is a small church with a big heart based in Somerset, UK. Our friends have moved on to pastures new on the South Coast.

Find out more about us on our website