My Books


Walking with the Disciples

Based on a series of messages I preached during lockdown.

I looked at each disciple in turn and tried to consider what their lives might teach us about our discipleship as Christians.

This book takes the same pattern and tackles the disciples one by one, chapter by chapter.


Walking with the Early Believers

When I finished my series about the Disciples, I followed on and considered some more of the people who were either believers described in the Bible, or people who had an encounter with Jesus. From Ananias, who obeyed a command from God to go to Saul, through to Zacchaeus, who climbed a tree to see Jesus as he entered the city, I look at and consider what we might learn from what the Bible says about them.


Walking with Esther

Esther is the account of a young Jewish girl who is chosen to join the harem of King Xerxes. An account of deceit and betrayal and the attempted genocide of the Jewish people.

Powerless, and voiceless, Esther succeeds in saving her people from certain death.

What can we learn about ourselves and our God as we read through this book?